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Aircraft Leasing

I assist my clients – airlines, banks, and leasing companies – in their operating and finance lease projects.

Are you about to lease out an aircraft and wish to maximize the protection of your interest in this high-value asset that freely moves around the globe, that requires continuous high-quality maintenance and care, and whose value is greatly impacted by its technical condition?

Or are you planning to lease in an aircraft and would like to contractually ensure that you may utilize this expensive piece of equipment as flexibly and cost-efficiently as possible, operating it as an integral part of your fleet and having to observe a minimum of restrictions and special requirements?

I can work with you to design your contract and resolve the issues that will need to be addressed concerning aircraft delivery and redelivery condition, engine de-installation and replacement with title tracking / swapping, aircraft maintenance and operation, subleasing, default and lease termination, aircraft repossession and deregistration, etc.

For a selection of operating lease transactions that I have facilitated for my clients, please refer to the transaction list below. For finance leases, please click on Aircraft Financing.