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Privacy Policy

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files, stored by a website on a visitor’s device, designed to ensure website performance and enhance visitor experience.

Which Cookies Do We Use?
We use session cookies which are deleted when the visitor’s browser is closed, and persistent cookies which survive the closing of the visitor’s browser. The persistent cookies are necessary to remember the visitor’s privacy settings for our site (privacy policy accepted, tracking on/off). Without the use of persistent cookies, these settings would have to be selected every time a visitor visits our site. Persistent cookies do not allow identification of a visitor.

General Deactivation of Cookies
A visitor can generally prohibit the creation of cookies in the settings of the visitor’s browser; in this case, certain features and pages on our website may only work to a limited extent.
Cookies on the visitor’s computer can be deleted at any time (see "Help" in visitor’s browser menu).

Piwik / Matomo
This website uses Piwik, a web analytics program provided by Matomo.org, which collects non-personal data such as browser type and language settings, and creates cookies in order to allow a statistical recordation of visitors to our website and the visitors’ usage preferences. The data is stored and processed exclusively on our server, and not forwarded to third parties. Since we have activated IP anonymization, IP addresses are anonymized so that visitors cannot be identified.

Visitors can prevent the collection of data generated by the cookies and related to visitors’ usage of our website by prohibiting cookies in visitors’ browser settings; visitors can also turn off tracking by clicking here: deactivate Matomo/Piwikactivate Matomo/Piwik

Personal Data
Our website neither collects nor processes any kind of personal data (name, email address, phone number, etc).

1 May 2018